Design and Installation

Commercial landscaping in South Florida is unlike any other region on the nation. Distinguishing your property with unique plant material that provides interest and at the same time is cost-effective to maintain requires attention to detail and expertise.Finding a balance between man-made necessities and nature’s ever-dwindling beauty is a timeless challenge. Our design department constantly explores new and innovative ways to create landscapes that will capture the eye and create multi-seasonal interest. Materials are chosen that not only define and enhance spaces, but that give each property a distinctive character.

Quality plant material, expert craftsmanship and an understanding of nature of landscaping in South Florida —these are the critical aspects of a properly installed landscape. Since the best-laid plans are, in the end, determined by the installation craftsmen, we employ the area’s best landscape technicians, professional horticulturists and skilled workers. We take the line between man-made and nature and make it beautiful.

We lend our horticultural expertise to a number of different types of clientele such as city parks, greenbelts, retail  properties, condominium, hotel and office spaces, and homeowner community projects. Click on the Contact Us button on the top menu to put PALM to work on your commercial landscape maintenance project today!