About Us

Welcome to PALM Atlantic Landscape Maintenance, a leading commercial landscape company of South Florida.  PALM is a family owned and operated business and has been serving South Florida community since 1989.  We have established ourselves over the years as well as forward thinking in our education, certifications and commitment to being “GREEN”.

At PALM we believe it is our obligation to provide distinction in service:  superior service of your landscape and maintenance with a focus on protecting the environment, understanding your individual needs and executing efficiently.

We understand the importance of the beautification of your property at a reasonable cost and keeping safety in mind.   INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, and PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT, that’s what we at PALM believe in and commit to you, our valued customer.

You can be sure that PALM’s management team will always be actively engaged in all aspects of your property needs as well as specific questions and concerns.  We separate ourselves not only by the service we provide to the landscape but also the service we provide to the people that occupy and represent your property.

We are mindful that your property is your investment so we will work to obtain the landscape that attracts new tenants or residents and increases property value.

PALM’s proactive approach is to ensure our superior service is one step ahead, addressing issues before the issue or concern becomes a complaint.  On the rare occasion where a complaint is raised, well, that’s when we stand by, “the customer is always right” and resolve the issue immediately.

We appreciate your business!