Dixie Diver Arbor Services

  1. Dixie Diver CompleteDixie Diver hired PALM to install palm trees at their new store. The palms needed to flank the store, giving it a great appearance for traffic, but not ruining visibility.
  2. Dixie Diver1Dixie Diver hired PALM to install palm trees at their new store. The difficulty of the installation was the proximity to US1, one of the county\'s busiest roads. PALM had to avoid blocking traffic.
  3. Arbor Services Dixie Diver part 3Dixie Diver hired PALM to install palm trees at their new store. PALM was hired for their expertise and of course lived up to their reputation by completing the installation within the time frame and budget allotted.

Dixie Diver needed arbor services at their new store and turned to PALM for help. The job was difficult due to the location and need to NOT interrupt traffic, but PALM completed the job within the allotted time frame and budget.

Pest Management: Lawn Pests

PALM has a pest management department that we will be adding to this website over the next few weeks. As we build that section, we’d like to go over the management of pests for your own lawn. If you are managing more than your own lawn, feel free to call us for a free quote (that’s a whole lotta free!): (954) 938-1999.

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, it’s not bad to have a small amount of bugs, so the calendar insecticides can sometimes cause more harm than good.  When you have a large lawn, such as a commercial space, it is always better to hire a professional, but if it’s your own home, monitoring twice a month in winter and once a week in summer, followed with treatment as needed is the best way to get and maintain a healthy green lawn.

Possibly the most important, and most difficult part of pest management for your lawn, is recognizing the bugs you have. Some bugs are harmful, but many are actually useful to you. So, let’s start there.

Click the chart below to see it larger











Upcoming Event: UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Science Open House

This weekend, Saturday January 21st, University of Florida will be hosting an open house at its Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (phew, that’s a mouthful!).

There will be a tour of the campus, information about UF’s programs and some invaluable info about nutrition, gardening, dealing with invasive species and insect management, and more:

UF's Scheduled Events

The event includes UF partners: Broward County Parks and Recreation Division, Broward County Environmental Monitoring Laboratory, USDA, and US Geological Society (USGS). The event runs from 10 am to 3 pm at the UF Davie Campus.

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