Pest Management: Lawn Pests

PALM has a pest management department that we will be adding to this website over the next few weeks. As we build that section, we’d like to go over the management of pests for your own lawn. If you are managing more than your own lawn, feel free to call us for a free quote (that’s a whole lotta free!): (954) 938-1999.

In order to maintain a healthy lawn, it’s not bad to have a small amount of bugs, so the calendar insecticides can sometimes cause more harm than good.  When you have a large lawn, such as a commercial space, it is always better to hire a professional, but if it’s your own home, monitoring twice a month in winter and once a week in summer, followed with treatment as needed is the best way to get and maintain a healthy green lawn.

Possibly the most important, and most difficult part of pest management for your lawn, is recognizing the bugs you have. Some bugs are harmful, but many are actually useful to you. So, let’s start there.

Click the chart below to see it larger




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