Growing your own veggies: Spring edition

1. Why grow your own?
2. What to grow and how?
3. How to use or freeze the veggies.
4. Recipe ideas for your home grown food.

We have all seen Michelle Obama’s White House garden and now she has announced a new book coming in April 2012 touting the benefits of the White House garden. Yeah, it might be a political move, especially given the timing, but no one can fault the message. Growing your own food can be pretty easy, miles healthier than grocery bought produce and, of course, much cheaper (a packet of 500 carrot seeds will cost the same as one packet from the supermarket which is, what, about 7 carrots?).
But there are other benefits you may not have considered: [Read more…]

What to plant now: Veggies Inside

How to plant inside

Like most people, when my sister in law gets an idea in to her head she wants to make it happen immediately, so when she called yesterday to tell me she was planting a vegetable garden, I felt terrible poo pooing her excitement. In the world of landscaping, whether we’re talking professional arborists or window box veggie growers, timing is everything.

If you visit a garden center and they sell vegetables without offering you any support, try a different garden center next time. If you were to plant vegetables now, in South Florida, they will burn up in just days. But if you are determined and as excited as my sister to get a head start on your vegetable patch, you can start today by planting your vegetables inside. Try tomatoes, cabbages, eggplant, bell peppers and broccoli.

Not only is this a great way to save some money while enjoying organic veggies (you will notice a difference in taste), but it’s a great exercise for the kids during these long, hot summer days.

This cute little graphic shows you how to start your indoor garden:


Courtesy of Sprout Robot



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