Fall pest control in Florida

Mosquito in the grass

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Fall in Florida brings cooler weather, more thunderstorms, the increased chance of tropical depressions and bugs. What’s not to love?

While we at PALM can’t control the weather, we can control the bugs. And it’s important that we do. Sixteen cases of locally acquired Dengue fever have been identified in Florida this season. This along with many other diseases are carried by mosquitoes, who are right now laying eggs in the wet soil around your development.

Many diseases are carried by mosquitoes, who are right now laying eggs in the wet soil around your development.

Mosquitoes are a pest to us and to our animals, but other bugs can also be harmful to our landscape, which in turn can hurt us financially. Every landscape treatment, whether it’s tree trimming, irrigation, or landscape installations are an investment in your property, increasing your property value faster than any other improvement. But if you don’t maintain the landscape work, you are losing money often without even recognizing the problem before it’s too late.  Have you seen bald patches in lawns around south Florida? Pests such as Mole crickets, white grubs, and billbugs can cause this. These pesky critters live in your lawn and damage grass roots. While these are the worst offenders there are also bugs that live of the grass leaf itself. Knowing the difference between the bugs could mean the difference between a simple treatment or spending at least twice as much on treatment and sod. But nothing will drive up your costs more than bugs killing off your trees and plants.

Why not DIY?

Why should you trust an expert? Let me give you the simplest analogy: have you ever tried to cut your own hair?

Knowing what kind of pest you are dealing with makes all the difference. There are pests and there are beneficial bugs that actually eat the pests. You don’t want to kill of all of the organisms in your lawn or plants. You need to identify the pests and make a plan to eradicate that particular organism wherever possible without damaging the overall health of your property.

Early detection of pests is the easiest way to fight pests, but why not go one step further in your cost savings by choosing a preventative plan? PALM can set up an individual plan that will fit your property. As you can imagine, a beachfront condominium in Lighthouse Point has different requirements than a golf course in Weston and PALM understands the differing needs of each South Florida neighborhood.

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