It’s Spring! Here come the egg bearing bunnies!

Spring has sprung and in south Florida, it’s a joyous time of year! The weather is glorious, there’s no other word for it. Not too hot to sit outside, but hot enough to start enjoying popsicles and sand boxes! In just a few weeks, your yard could be crawling with little children searching for eggs, so we’d better take a look at what we need to do in April before those eggs are hidden!

Tree Trimming

Call us if it's this bad!

1. Prune.
I have an abundance of palm pruning to do. Believe it or not, pruning your trees is not only important to their growth, but must be done with care in order to not damage the tree. Never pull the dead limbs off by hand, never over prune the tree by pulling anything (leaves or seeds) that is still alive.

Photo by Knitsteel, click image for original.

2. Mulch.
April is not one of our wetter months, so mulching will protect your plants and trees from losing too much water.

3. Move any plants that need cooler soil.
April will heat up your pool, and your soil!

4. Look over your grass and trees for signs of pests, disease or illness.
You can transport illness, disease or pests from tree to tree, so clean off tools between tending, if you’re concerned.

Photo by GinnyGLorman. Click image for original.

5. Visit your farmers market.
Strawberries are in season! Go pick ’em! If you’re not sure you can get through all the strawberries you can pick, you can freeze them. These tips are from our local Publix Supermarket:

Eat your selections as soon as possible, washing them only when you are ready to munch. If you must store your strawberries, place them on a paper towel in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator. They should be good for another 2-3 days.

Strawberries can also be frozen, whole or in pieces. Simply wash, dry, and remove the caps of your strawberries, then place them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer your berries to a zip-top bag and remove as much air as possible. Store in the freezer for up to six months.

Photo by Charleston's TheDigitel. Click image for original.

6. Clean up after Fido, make yourself some strawberry popsicles for the egg hunters, some strawberry mojitos for you, and sit back because Here Comes The Sun!

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